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More 5"x7"s

Phew… I almost went all of March without a post. That is something I vowed not to do this year. Here are the latest for the 5″x7″ show at the Dennos Museum. These were fun to do. To get the look I wanted I used a lot of techniques I’ve not used in a long time. I’ll post a quick tutorial on some of those techniques in the near future.

– 2010-03-04 01:23:00

this is my years first award (of 2010) and got in the month of february i was pleased to get this as my starting year gift was got amazed after receiving the award the thing that the whole world can see and know me for my work…

when doing the painting i was very happy and after receiving the reward for this i got doubled i wish all my work bew get known and all can recognize!
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