animalcrackersmovie: So, after 11 weeks of painting… I’ve…


So, after 11 weeks of painting… I’ve finally finished the The Animal_Crackers Movie poster.

Though, honestly, this actually took much longer.

2 years ago, when the movie began production, I decided while talking to Carter Goodrich that I wanted to paint a poster. But I was doing the whole Art Nouveau watercolor thing at the time.

So I went to the art store and bought some gouache paints and began teaching myself how to paint in a medium more suited for movie posters.

Which is kind of cool (if I’m allowed to say so myself) because this poster was something I really wanted to do… and I had no tools to make it happen. So I learned the tools to see it come together.

What do you think?

Special thanks to my buddy Carter Goodrich for working with me, designing the amazing characters, and encouraging me to keep at it.

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