Art Course Review: Art of Personal Work

Part of the work I was creating during the course

So, the Lamp Post Guild course I was taking part in, “Art of Pernonal Work” by Cory Godbey, has come to an end, and I thought I’d write a little post (a huge wall of text) about my experience with the course!

The idea of the course is to come up with your own personal project, and then follow the clear outline provided complete said project. The final step is to publish your personal project, making it known to the world.

I took the course mainly to force myself to make a focused series of work to figure out a new way of working, and actually forcing myself to complete them in a timely manner. I had been feeling a bit stuck with my work for a while and wanted to branch out into something new, but the new seemed so big and scary that what I was achieving on my own was  a lot of procrastination and very little action.

And it worked! I followed the steps, made a clear plan for the project goals, came up with a project that fit them, and planned out all the pieces before starting a final drawing on any one of them. It was mentally exhausting and required a lot more work than I thought it would, but since I’m incapable of missing a deadline that has other people involved, the framework made me work hard and I managed to get over the problems I was having. Seriously deadlines stress me out.

So the course was a success for the purpose I wanted to use it for, however it also had real content and guidance on the various topics related to completing the project. Here’s a little breakdown I came up with:


  • Affordable
  • Well structured
  • Applicable to many kinds of projects
  • Provides clear goals and deadlines to people lacking them
  • Good production quality


  • No teacher feedback
  • No easy way to see your fellow student’s projects as a whole
  • No class activities with the other students
  • Nothing very specific about marketing your finished project
  • Material is somewhat generic, no watching a teacher actually work out a personal project
  • No examples of personal projects

One thing I would have most wanted to see was real world examples of completed projects, by the teachers or other people, how they were marketed and distributed and how they helped the artists career move forward.

As it is though, you have to take into the fact that the course is very inexpensive compared to an actual mentoring opportunity where you are getting constant feedback from your teacher. So even though I could wish the course had more things it’s probably just not possible in the price point it’s being offered in.

I’d recommend the course to anyone having a clear goal they want to achieve but who’s having trouble getting themselves moving and could use help structuring personal projects better in general.

Art Course Review: Art of Personal Work

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