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Hot Frog’s hottest work 2017-09-18 07:49:00

As I’ve mentioned before I always enjoy it when a graphic design commission comes my way. My usual workload is illustration, my first love, but having trained as a designer the graphics certainly scrath an aesthetic itch in my daily routine.
This brand new shop on Etsy needed a new logo and branding banner. They sell all things jewellery in the very in-vogue, gypsy, bohemian style.


As you’ll see I still managed to sneak some illustration in there too.
I can thoroughly recommend this store as they are personal friends and if you want to check it out, and see my design in action, then please click the link …

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Hot Frog’s hottest work 2017-08-08 15:38:00

I was approached to illustrate the poster for the production of a musical by an American children’s theatre company.
It featured the amazing story of the most unlikely friendship between a young hippopotamus and an old tortoise.
Even more remarkable is the fact that this charming story is actually true!
Owen and Mzee met in unique circumstances and their friendship is a moving story that was firstly turned into a photo book and now will be performed as a musical on Broadway by the Vital Theatre Company.

Here’s some of the the reference I was sent.
Along with an early pencil sketch

and the finished artwork produced in Photoshop

and the resulting poster and web post


Hot Frog’s hottest work 2017-07-17 01:35:00

I recently illustrated a couple of idyllic imaginative scenes for a new publisher. Hideaway Falls is a remote log cabin location nestled by mountains. The only sounds to break the blanket of silence are the flowing river and the call of the wild. Sit back, stretch out and breathe in the crisp crystal-clear air. Pull out your favourite read … and relax!
These illustrations were meant to look like I’d been there and sketched the scene and I oh so really wanted to have done that. Polychromos pencil on soft cartridge provided the perfect rendition.
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Hot Frog’s hottest work 2017-05-26 03:56:00

One of the most enjoyable sides to my commissioned work is designing and illustrating beer clips. I’ve now clocked up well over 300 pump clips and labels for a handful of breweries, both large and small.
One of the most recent is this cider clip designed for Holden’s brewery in the midlands.
Watch out for the distinctive shield shaped clip. The name and story comes from the ancient nobility that were given special self-ruling privileges in exchange for their guarding and protecting the border ‘marches’ that separated Wales from England.
Also shown here is my Toffee Porter clip also for Holden’s.

Hot Frog’s hottest work 2017-05-09 15:06:00


About 6 months ago I worked on a small, but significant, portion of this new game box for Disney Pixar’s ‘Cars’ franchise.
Again, another great commission from Forrest Pruzan in Seattle. Thanks guys.I made use of some of the chrome filters available via Photoshop and blended a few results together to get a softer silver/chrome effect.
Can’t wait to try out the actual game when I manage to spot a copy.

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