Body Worlds


Body Worlds is an amazing exhibition where you can goggle at bodies of dead individuals, preserved for science. They are displayed in numerous physical activities, often with different muscle groups and bones seperated to really show you the anatomy at work within the body. Basically a dream come true anatomy workshop.

I managed to catch the exhibit on the very last day it was open in Finland, after planning to go see it for the whole summer. A wasn’t the only one late to the feast, there was a 2 hour queue into the exhibit! No I’m not exaggerating at all, the queue started way outside the building, and snaked it’s way through all the regular exhbits before you finally got into the body worlds.

As usual, the experience of seeing anatomy and muscles in 3d and being able to walk around them was from a completely different world than reading textbooks, even good ones. I tried to soak up as much anatomy as I could, and really pay attention to parts I find hard to understand  (pelvis bone, I hate you). I wish I could have spend weeks doing studies from the bodies, but still I think I got a great deal out of the exhibition.

It seems the exhibition has now moved on to New York, go check it out if you are in the neighbourhood!





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