Steven Salerno: Puppy Princess

Steven Salerno worked with author Sue Fliess to complete his 24th illustrated picture book titled Puppy Princess, which is set to release July 2016.

About Steven
Steven creates contemporary images with a retro vibe for advertising, magazines, publishing, packaging and more. As a graduate of Parsons School of Design in New York City, he studied under top industry professionals including famed children’s book author/illustrator Maurice Sendak, the author of Where the Wild Things Are.

Check out more work from Steven through his Play! Illustration portfolio and his website, stevensalerno.com.

Brian Allen: Armageddon Disaster Album Artwork & Process

Brian Allen recently created a very detailed illustrated album cover for the heavy metal band called DemonHead. The idea was to have a troubled kid rolling a 12-sided die that causes catastrophe behind him. With each roll comes a different type of destruction. Below are a few shots of the artwork itself plus a great process video created by Brian.

From the client, Dave Lowes of DemonHead,
…I think it came out really well and will look awesome. It was a pleasure working with you. Couldn’t be happier with the end result!

To check out more of Brian’s work, please visit his Play! portfolio or flylanddesigns.com.

To see more of Brian’s work, or hire him for freelance projects, please visit: www.flylanddesigns.com


To see more of Brian’s work, or hire him for freelance projects, please visit: www.flylanddesigns.com


To see more of Brian’s work, or hire him for freelance projects, please visit: www.flylanddesigns.com


To see more of Brian’s work, or hire him for freelance projects, please visit: www.flylanddesigns.com


Bear Sketches


Here are some bear studies I’ve been doing, related to the bear drawing I posted earlier. Now I feel like I’m starting to have a mental image of the forms of the bear, and next step is to move on to stylization of them. I thought it would be interesting to be able to follow the process of getting to know something strange and learning to draw it from imagination. Of course I have a general grasp of human and horse anatomy to draw from so that I don’t have to start from scratch, but I have to admit the shapes of bears did feel really hard to get to know, especially at the start. So much of the anatomy is obscured by the thick coat, rolls of fat and long hair.

Besides the studies I’ve been going through a lot of photographic material and videos, so that I can see all the features at different angles, to make sure the mental image that gets formed works in three dimensions. I’m paying special attention to the forms of the face, since I hope to be able to add convincing expressions to the drawings.

Stay tuned for first attempts at drawing from imagination!







Hot Frog’s hottest work 2013-11-29 09:42:00

As the seasonal circus gets underway I thought it fitting to display this amazing pop-up card I illustrated for Second Nature. Laying out the artwork was quite an intricate challenge but the assembly of this christmas explosion must have been a real skill.
Despite having been grumpy when I heard carols playing in Argos at the end of October!!!, I do feel in the mood now. Merry christmas, and here’s to a very Happy New year! You may click on an image to enlarge it but please remember that all images are strictly copyright, thanks.

11 seond club is almost done. Face Animation time!

Not only is it face animation time. It is finish the hand animation time. Finish the arms, double check all the arcs, animate her little bit of hair she is supposed to have. Oh my goodness, less than a week left. I just might have to duck out on thanksgiving.

Scratch that, can’t skip all that delicious food, I mean that is a crime isn’t it? Well isnt in?
No need to fret, I’m on pace to get what I want to get done by the deadline. This last week is going to be a test of mettle. I’m going to try to put in 6 or so hours a day to get it done.

Sleep is for babies! WHERE IS MY COFFEE!!! WHY AM I YELLING!

11 second club! You’re killin me!

November 2013 11 second club – progression
Soo many things are changing. Too many things I didn’t like in the last revision.
Excessive arm movement, Excessive movement on the guy. I don’t have much time left, so I have to start tying things down and getting to face animation! AAAAAH!

I’m gonna punch both of these characters in the gut if they don’t get their act together. I’m trying to meet a deadline here. Actors. pfffft!

11 Second club update! Nearing the end.

Not very many days left, but most of the gross animation ( The larger movement feel good). I need to work out the anticipations in some areas, then move on to lip sync.

This is turning out to be a lot more work than I anticipated, along with working on my MFA Thesis as well. Probably not a smart idea. However like drawing, it’s about mileage and experience. So I figure the more animation I do, the better I have to get at it. Right?

If your curious and haven’t read any of the other posts and want to know what I using to do this.

Pencil ( Palomino Blackwing Pencil, makes a nice black line with minimal smudging and sounds cool – BLACKWING!)
8.5×11 Copy Paper ( Bought a giant box from Costco, when I run out I think I may upgrade to larger paper)
Animation Peg ( 3 hole punch – www.lightfoot.com)
Simplicity Cam ( To grab animation drawings – it’s really a nifty webcam)
X-sight ( Software for grabbing still images
A couple lights ( So images don’t turn out super dark, so it’s easier to vectorize later)
Photoshop ( I haven’t used it yet to  adjust levels so it is easier to vectorize the animation, but it’ll be coming up soon)
Toon Boom Harmony ( Timeline, X-sheet, and vectorize tools ) – Im using it to do the pencil tests before I decide to vectorzie, it’s also pretty easy to line up your drawings with the internal x-sheet which is pretty convient.
Jetpens– I use brush pens from this company, they have a great selection of Japanese brush pens!
Manilla Folders– HAHAHA ( I also have a giant box of these from Costco, helps keep stuff organized, ALOT!
Colin Johnson Animation Desk – Adjustable light table with animation disc.
Simple Desktop PC– Nothing fancy here.

That’s all. Enough typing, sleep then animate some more.