Crafting a Jewelry Frame

jewelry frame

We moved house this summer, and inspired by the new space I’ve tried to come up with new storage solutions for my stuff. My jewelry is always giving me trouble, and despite having ¬†jewelry stands especially the earrings always end up in a huge mess and are hard to find. And here is my solution!

I bought the beautiful frame in the picture from a fleamarket in Mallorca a year back, thinking I could eventually frame something of mine, but as usual this plan had a flaw: I hate having my own art up on the walls, I keep looking for the mistakes. So this frame has been gathering dust and being a nuisance, so eventually when I was thinking of the jewelry my thought turned to it. I started looking for solutions on framing jewelry in pintrest, and initially thought that setting up some hardware cloth would be a very neat solutions with holes for the earrings. But it seemed a bit industrial, and it suddenly hit my I have a bag full of lace in my fabric storage, duh!

Materials used: A wooden frame + leftover lace from my wedding dress + some thumbtacks. Total of material bought: none.

The frame is thick enough to stand on my dresser, but eventually I plan on finding it a place on the wall, and crafting another one with a necklace holder, so all my jewelry can live in the same place. Now it’s accompanying my anatomy figure and some vintage model cars.



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