Creation to tilt!

A while ago, I decided to prepare my portfolio, in case an opportunity would present itself, like a job or inscription to University.  Well, I finally prepared it, sent it and…  received a negative answer.  I wanted to present more, but I had so little time.  Ever since then, I haven’t been able to put anything on paper, just like I haven’t had the courage to write anything on this blog.  A complete “Creation to Tilt” situation!  I thought by writing in English instead of French, it would give me this little push to accelerate the process, but still…  Maybe it’s the holidays, 2013 is very close by (very, VERY close by!) and I wish I could have done more in 2012, could have done more drawings, Photoshop, animations and 3D models and so on…  Don’t worry!  I’ll have something to hang on the Wall of Art eventually (it’s better than the wall of shame, hihi!).

To all digital artists out there, I wish you happy new year 2013!

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