Eoin McKeown for Gtech and the Irish National Lottery

Eoin McKeown is a Irish digital artist who is the face of Cartoons.ie, a creative studio that designs online games and characters for marketing and brand promotion for various clients around the globe.

One of these clients, Gtech and the Irish National Lottery, commissioned Eoin to design an interactive fantasy Irish themed-game with the look and feel of a traditional board game. He decided on a theme based on the times of the Viking raids, developing graphics and game pieces to suit the time period. Eoin says his biggest challenge was to incorporate all of the detail into a 640 x 480 pixel area without it looking too busy.

In the end the client was very happy and the game proved to be very popular with their online players.



You can check out more work from Eoin McKeown through his Play! Illustration Portfolio and the Cartoons.ie Website.