Featured Artist: Paul Morton

Paul Morton, of Hot Frog Graphics, specializes in character design, game board design and artwork.
He particularly enjoys illustrating and designing children’s games and has racked up quite a few including Battle Decks, Hotel Las Vegas, Tumblin Monkeys, Battle Tops, Monkeying Around, Wiggle Giggle¬†Caterpillar, Wok n Roll, Honey Bee Tree, Musical Melody Maker, Walk the Dog, Rumble in the Jungle and more.

Paul has also produced artwork for many of the top players in the games and confectionery market including Hasbro, Mattel, Ravensburger, Interplay, Softplay, Tomy, Nestle, Cadbury, Icandothatgames, Toblerone and Kinder.

You can check out his website and the Hot Frog Blog to check out the 100’s of characters he’s created.

Here’s some of Paul’s recent work:








More of Paul’s commercial work can be seen through his Play! Illustration Portfolio.