Are you looking for a professional illustrator to help you out with some preproduction designs for a project?

I’m your guy for the job!!!

I offer professional preproduction services such as: Storyboards, Character Designs, Environmental Designs, Matte Paintings, etc.

Some of my clients are Electronic Arts (Visceral Games), Ubisoft, Makuta VFX Studio (India-Hyderabad) and Film Director Daniel Fridell (, Film Director Sacha Bennett, Rasmus Tirzitis StarWars FanFilm: Threads Of Destiny( and Vilsen (

I invite you to take a look at my work at the following websites.

Pay rates are as follows;

* Rough Sketch Boards: 40$ per Frame

* Clean Line Boards: 70$ per Frame

* Clean Line Boards with Values: 100$

* Clean Line Boards Full Colour: 150$

**I also work with monthly pay rates (per week or every two weeks) payments.**

I can be reached at for any questions.

Thank you for your time,

Jean Claude de La Ronde,
Freelance Storyboard Artist


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