Games, Puzzles, and Toys!

Childhood is a magical time illuminated by the endless wonder of a child’s own imagination. These talented Play! artists have created a visual delight of color and shapes to entertain the minds and lives of children.

Laura Huliska-Beith for Thinkfun:


Greg Hardin for VeggieTales:


Ryan Hobson for Smartlab Toys:


Harry Moore for Nickelodeon:
Harry Moore - Spongebob Detective Pants


Pig Pen Studios Inc. for Slimey Goop:
Pig Pen Studios- Slimey Goop


One Flight Up for Zinger:
1 flight up game


Dave Garbot :: Represented by DEBORAH WOLFE LTD:
Dave Garbot Puzzlew


Claudine Gevry for Morning Meadows :: Represented by MB Artists:
Claudine Gevry Morning Meadows


PG Reps (Roc Goudreau) for Milton Bradley:
PG Reps Roc Goudreau


Merrill Rainey for Memoirs :: Represented by Tugeau 2:
Merrill Rainey Memoirs



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