Geeky Artsy Stuff 2012-06-26 22:06:00

SO…along with summer always comes plenty of sources of inspiration and along with my well deserved vacation, will come more time to reflect on emerging projects for exhibition 2014. I haven’t picked the place nor theme but I am working on 3 completely different paintings sporadically but surely. This is a picture of our getaway place where some of the paintings I am working on for the exhibition will find a permanent home. The idea is to rent our place and also have some work up for sale. (That’s one of the ideas, anyways.) I hope to showcase work in the idyllic place with the perfect setting. It’s the best way to enjoy art while reveling in the condo experience. More information on how to rent it will follow shortly. For now, I should just continue to work hard on this because it brings me such joy and I can only hope to share it soon.

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