Hot Frog’s hottest work 2014-02-07 09:54:00

As I mentioned in an earlier post I was fortunate to make a great start to the year with a string of interesting jobs booked in and waiting for illustration.
First off was a set of handwash labels for Vantage chemists. Here’s one of them featured above requiring the depiction of clean, pure water droplets. I worked on this on Jan 1st which actually felt good rather than being a chore. Though a few christmas chocolates were required to help me concentrate!
Also, below, is a new CD cover for the kid’s song album I produced a few years ago for Somerset Entertainment in Toronto.
This time the kids are packed off on a road trip to the amusement park and need jolly songs all on the way. The fairground was eventually dropped and I had to replace it with a ferris wheel. Pity as I kinda liked the swirly rides.

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