Hey Guys!, I’m in the process of learning new softwares in order to crank up my storyboard skills to a whole new level! Video Editing tools such As FINAL CUT PRO, ADOBE PREMIERE and ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS CS5 can really lift your artwork to a whole new dimension in terms of look, designs and let’s not forget the Animatic approach!!! I agree that learning new softwares might be time consuming for some of you guys. But remember that if you do decide to approach the learning curve, you are giving yourself the following skills and opportunities; 1- New High-tech softwares that you can apply to your boards and animatics to give you that extra “Punch” to your work!. 2- You are giving yourself a chance to be in front of some competition that you may know….or not. 3- Acquiring new skills never hurts!…If you plane on getting a full time job in a company, that can be an advantage for you when negotiating your annual salary! 4- It makes you a better candidate when you will be applying to such companies! 5- You will become more creative in your work! …and that’s just a few of the reasons amongst many others!!! So, for those who are already in the learning curve on a new software, GO FOR IT! it’s an Investment in your future! :) For conclusion, I would like to thank my good friend Rahul over at www.makutavfx.com for giving me this awesome website for learning ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS! THANKS RAHUL!!! Check it out guys!!! WWW.VIDEOCOPILOT.NET Cheers mates! JC

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