More of Paris, ENCORE POTIRON PARIS!, a friend of mine told me to have a look at this website :!  Well, little did I know, it seems that my brother in law gave to my love and I for Christmas, a tea mug set from Potiron Paris!  Oh yes!  From Paris!  I fell in love with this website!  You don’t just fall in love with PARIS, you fall in love with everything else that comes from PARIS!  Ah oui!  Toujours Paris!  Talk about creativity!  They have such a great selection of different items for bathroom (one of my favourites…), kitchen (MY favorite!), bedroom (lets not go there, shall we…), all the rooms you can think of!  I am now addicted to POTIRON PARIS!  Oh!  And don’t look for expresso cups, it’s in English here, so you have to look for ESPRESSO CUPS! hihihi!  Everything you need or dream of to decorate your house!  Well, they are suppose to open a boutique in Montreal, so lets go crazy here!  Lets go spree shopping on the website or at their boutique and I’m pretty sure they will come up with even more very soon!  Aaaaaaaah Paris!  Je ne me lasserai jamais de toi!

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