My Favorite Podcasts

I can’t make art without listening to something, so I’m always on the lookout for more audio to fill the hours. Here’s a selection of podcasts I’ve enjoyed listening to in my drawing time.


On ninja mountain Socar Myles is super fun and completely random, and then there are also some other people on it. They also had a budding forum going up at, but who knows if it’s going to come back up again after being down due to hackers for a while.


One Fantastic Week on youtube

A followup of W.I.P podcast, with Peter Morbacher and a new partner in crime Sam Flegal. Up to episode 9 so far, mostly very enjoyable. I recommend checking out the old W.I.P podcasts on itunes or elsewhere too, they were a fun listen.


Sidebar Nation

Talk about geek and comic culture – oh and there are artists involved. Tends to go a little bit too geek and concentrate a bit too much on pretty comic lady appreciation for my taste at times, but they got some awesome interviews out there with some awesome artists.


Drawn Today (last updated november 2013)

A loose collective of fantasy artists from what I gather, but I don’t actually remember anyone’s name. Usually my go to when there’s nothing else new out there. Some episodes end up being interesting, others just a bit boring. Doesn’t seem to get very regular updates, maybe because they don’t have a regular cast?


Freelance Radio on itunes

The podcasts seems to be long over, but it was a fun listen anyway. There’s a bunch of professional freelancers talking about freelance stuff, time management, clients etc.


The Smart Passive Income on itunes

Talks a lot about smart ways of making money and do marketing. Just what a lot of artists need, right? Not all stuff is applicable, but there are some interesting lessons to learn out there. Also a very fluent speaker, so no need to gnaw your teeth while listening to this. Every episode has a different guest who’s an expert on something useful.


Truth to be told I’m really picky about my podcasts, even if I’m desperate for new ones to listen to. I’ve noticed I can’t listen to anything that uses too formal a tone, and there are quite a few art podcasts that fall under that category out there. Even more horrible is someone just speaking to themselves. What enjoy is casual, fun conversation done by intereresting people.

Got any podcasts you love? Let me know!

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