Mysterious Portrait: The Sandman (sketch)

As I’m letting the suggested changes to the plot “The Tale Thief” germinate, I’ve started yet another project.  I’ve made note that the projects I create for myself easily become unwieldy, and I need to work on something that can be started and finished in an afternoon. Or maybe a week. I also wanted to spend more time drawing something that can be posted quickly, as opposed to something being plotted, written, thumbnailed, sketched, critiqued, revised, painted, assembled, am I still talking?, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, etc… 
This could turn into a big project, but it won’t require the entire scope to be completed before it can be released. For now, the working title is “Mysterious Portraits”, and I’ve already sketched out a number of ideas. The first portrait will be the Sandman, which, as you can see is a bit magical, a bit Victorian, and a bit Doctor Who-y. The finished size will be able to fit into a standard 11″ x 14″ frame. The plan is to pair it with a complimentary portrait of Selene.

See full post here: inkyboy2011-06-01.