Happy fourth of July to our American Friends!!!

Today I wanted to inform you that I have posted new links to some Art supplies that we all use and maybe some of you never did try these products. If that’s the case, do yourself a favor and try them out.

First, you need paper to sketch right? Of course!…So I have added the Moleskine Sketchbook. Two sizes ( Larger and Pocket size ) You even have the Watercolor Large sketchbook if  you prefer doing more watercolor work then pencil work. I also added the A4 format (Large) Moleskine sketchbook for those who love to work in that format.

As for Pens, I own both the Pigma Micron sets and the Pen brushes. I really really recommend them both and that you play around with them. You have access to a full range of thickness in terms of line weight which is amazing if you are doing lots of character designs, comic books or Concept designs.

To finish it all for this week, I’ve added the Copic Marker sets (Cool and Warm Grays). For those who are looking into doing concept artwork “traditionally” these are the markers that you want to get your hands on. They tend to be a little expensive but, you have the luxury of having the option of refilling the markers afterwards…which means you only have to buy the bottle of that specific color or grey tone that  you are using and you can refill them all by yourself.

I have never personally use them myself but I’ve only heard good things about the product. I’m currently using “TOUCH” Markers by ShinHan Art International Inc. ( I’ve been told is the second best markers on the market. I’ve been using Prismacolor markers for a while but since I can’t find them here in Montreal anymore I had to switch to the Touch Markers. I’m very happy with the Touch product and I have nothing bad to say about them either.

Try these goodies out and if you like em, You can find them at my Online bookstore/Artstore and order them from there.

Cheers mates!

Jean Claude

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