New illustration

Well, I’m back to work on a big project. As is not too uncommon, it’s probably a bit too big for the time and budget allowed. Here is a detail. I’ll post more as it goes along. Yes, it’s another offshore platform. They can be fun to do, but I didn’t have great source photos for this one and I was trying to hurry the project along, so it’s a bit loose. I like how it turned out, but I had to change some color and details on request of the client. Sometimes the final can’t look too much like the source material. I’m posting this version because I like it better. If you are curious as to how it’s done, I have already posted a tutorial on the last offshore platform image I did. The same techniques apply here, so you can just refer back to it.

See full post here: Digital Illustration with Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended2012-11-10.