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Hi again, taking some time to promote (and to help my niece.)

(She wanted to know how to title the images posted, there is no real easy way other than the “add caption” property. When you browse to add your picture file, highlight and copy the name after clicking it as it appears in the text field. Then once you OK that, click your image, add selected and click image again. Options appear and you select “Add caption” then you paste in what you copied before. Anyone know a faster way, do share!)

So this is a job I did recently. It was a great experience. My colleague is building up his business “” and he is a such a wiz at how to create a buzz and instigate passion and curiosity for your company using social networking and more.
Here, we remind the public that this landmark of a printing company is valid and evolving from a great past to a greater future. And even though we are all on the computer and forgetting about teaching kids cursive and the craftsmanship of printing, this printer had a BIG impact on society because they published and promoted gems of literature. I am honoured to be able to bring this into the forefront and hope to have sparked up enough interest to continue the drawing and the story.
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Thanks and enjoy.

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