Okay so I got a little delayed, BUT commissions are finally…

Okay so I got a little delayed, BUT commissions are finally...

Okay so I got a little delayed, BUT commissions are finally open! I might have some other styles/options available later but for now let’s keep it simple. 


  • Bust (shoulders up): $30
  • Half (waist up): $50
  • Full: $70
  • BGs: $20+
  • Additional characters are 30% off of above prices
  • Prices are in USD
  • These commissions are for personal, non-commercial use ONLY. You may share and use it any way you like (for non-profit purpose), but please credit me when sharing online or anywhere else.
  • I’ll try to stick to the above prices, but they can vary if your request is particularly complex/simple. If you want smaller additions (like pets) or have anything beyond a standard portrait in mind we can discuss a price for it; again it depends on complexity.
  • Background price varies widely depending on complexity, but simple textured backgrounds are included free (see the last two images).
  • I’m good to draw humans, animals, fantasy creatures and everything in between, but no NSFW/offensive content please. I can refuse to accept any commission I’m not comfortable with doing.
  • If you request fanart/non-original characters I reserve the right to sell prints of it.
  • References are very helpful and encouraged, but not necessary. Please have a detailed description ready if you have no visual references.
  • Full payment is required upfront via Paypal. Before I move on to the final illustration I’ll show you a sketch for your approval.
  • Full refunds can only be given if I haven’t started your commission yet. 
  • Contact kerriaitken@gmail.com if you’re interested or have any questions! You can also check out the rest of my blog or my website at kerriaitken.com for more examples of my work.

See full post here: http://kerriaitken.tumblr.com/2016-09-18.