Origins 2012 Piece – Work In Progress

When this year’s Origins Game Fair ended, all I could think about after winning that award was how much I wanted to get back to the desk and just paint my ass off. The first thing that I wanted to tackle was the Original piece for my booth at next year’s Origins. The theme is time travel and my original idea for the piece was far different from what I actually ended up creating.

I will be continually updating this post with my Livestream permalinks to painting sessions. I’ll try and keep them brief enough that they aren’t too painful to watch. I tend to do 4 to 5 hour art sessions, but I know of no one who would willingly sit through that as I could image it would be quite boring after a while. I’m trying to keep my videos for this series to about 1 to 2 hours. I’ll also be posting still-shots of the progress so you can see the end product of the art sessions as well without having to watch them if you are like Alice’s white rabbit ;).

Sunday – July 17th, 2011
The video card on my workstation fried the night before last. Completely dead, no BIOS screen, FRIED. So until I can get that replaced, my work is at a standstill for the moment. I will keep you posted with developments on this situation.

Saturday – September 10th, 2011
I’m finally getting around to updating this post with my final progress images. I’ve cleaned up this post so that it is less cluttered and easier on the bandwidth.

Here is the Imgur gallery for the still shots along the way:
Imgur – Origins 2012 Original Artwork by Matthew Lee Keith

Here is the Livestream gallery for the segments I was able to record (ending is missing):
Livestream – Origins 2012 Original Artwork by Matthew Lee Keith

See full post here: Matthew Lee Keith2011-07-10.