Palette Switching Tests for a New Project

So here’s something fun!

I’m slowly thinking of a game I’d like to do after Sproggiwood is finished. I’ve actually had this in my mind for a while, since I just love playing the few actual creature breeding games I’ve found out there like Pocket Frogs and Derby Days. I’d like to do my take on the subject, with a bit more gameplay and super cute monsters to breed. So I want to create a game where the creatures are made of of totally individual parts and colors, and you can achieve any combination of them through breeding. The gameplay has a bit more to it than that, but that’s the one thing not liable to change.

So to that end I’m now testing out palettes created for the palette swapping system our wonderful programmer Brian has created. These are total test graphics and test palettes, too bright for actual ingame use, but I thought they came out cute and nicely represent the awesome possibilities of the system! (Still need to be tested with the system itself, this is a simulation of what they are supposed to look like.) I can’t wait to be able to create palettes for everything in the game from backgrounds to other art, every color completely under my control.

I’ll keep you posted as the project at some point starts taking shape, don’t hold your breath though!


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