Play! Artist Spotlight: Ryan Etter

Ryan Etter is a professional illustrator with an interestingly bold and unique visual style that has become instantly recognizable to clients.

Ryan began his career over 18 years ago, in graphic design, which enabled him to wear many hats- from art director to photo manipulator. As such, he has solidified is industry knowledge and ability to quickly and effectively fulfill and surpass client expectations.

As a digital illustrator Ryan Etter applies his own personal approach of using traditional methods to conceptualize and digital means to illustrate. His styles often incorporate 3D rendering, cgi, modeling, and visual effects to name a few.

His client list includes: Discovery Channel UK, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Scholastic, Scientific American, Smart Money Magazine and many, many more.

Check out a few examples of Ryan Etter’s stylized illustrations:

Ryan Etter Angry Birdz

ryan Etter Alien of the year

Ryan Etter Dynamic Duo

Ryan Etter IT Bot

Ryan Etter Womanbot

To view more work from Ryan, visit his Play! Portfolio. You can also check out his website.