Project Showcase showcases professional artists and design firms with experience in the toy and game industries. Artist skills include illustration, 3D, modeling, animation, storyboarding, character development, concept art and package design.

Here are a few recent projects from the Play artists:


Client: TykeStyle
Project Name: Children’s decorative artwork
Design Firm: MetaVisual
Licensed decorative artwork for children..


Chris Boyd
Client: Hannover House – Film Distributors
Project Name: Toys in the Attic – movie poster
The first illustration project from Chris Boyd’s new company Squirtgun Studios.
They were asked to do the poster art for the English translation of the Czech animated film Toys in the Attic.


Joe Palmisano
Client: Prodigy Ark / Percy & Demetra Lipsey
Project Name: PRODIGY ARK The Lark The Shark Faloofajark
This is a wonderful book that expands the minds and the imaginations of a group of Prodigy’s who are ready to EXPLORE, DISCOVER and LEARN during their special journey. Joe Palmisano was the artist
for this job, so he was responsible for the character development, the color choices, page layout, cover designs and typesetting. He also did some light internal editing as well.


Ryan Hobson
Ryan Hobson
Client: Smartlab Toys
Project Name: Inhuman Squishy Zombie
Design Firm: Ryan Hobson Design
Photoshop illustration for Smartlab’s Inhuman Squishy Human Zombie toy.


Cedric Hohnstadt
Client: Disney (via DecoPac, Inc.)
Project Name: “Cars” cake topper with wind-up toy
Design Firm: DecoPac, Inc.
Concept sketch for a “Cars”-themed cake topper. When the blue car is wound up it spins around the track and “fixes” Lightning McQueen’s tires.


Shawn Finley
Shawn Finley
Client: McDonalds
Project Name: Lego Bionicle Happy Meal Bag
Ad Agency: ARC Worldwide
Illustration of LEGO Bionicles Tao Tahu, Tao Onua, and Tao Gali for McDonalds Happy Meal Bag

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