Posted new web development work!

So, since this year’s Origin’s game convention ended, I’ve been neck deep in work. Now that work is starting to bear fruit and I’d like to share it with the people who keep up with my work…

The site was done for a company called “Vendor Centric”, and the connection came to me through a very good friend from up north, when I used to work in DC. Originally, I was approached about doing a simulation for their proprietary software. Business started kicking up and we decided to switch our focus on enhancing their web presence. So, after conceptualizing the site out, we nailed down the look and feel and began development on the .NET free Umbraco platform. This project was my first real break into the Umbraco content management system, and not only did I learn a lot, but I have definitely added some new weapons to the arsenal. You can rest assured that inspiration was derived from Umbraco and I have TONS of ideas on how to improve my BrightCore CMS to be the hands-down, simplest CMS for anyone to use.

Non-tangentially speaking, the site is designed as well under the hood, as it is aesthetically. My primary goal with the site was to make it as easy to manage as it was to use. I feel that I have accomplished that as best as could be achieved with such a CMS. Currently, I’m working to help improve their SEO rankings, which takes both a lot of time and a lot of research into what search engines are using as data points when ranking sites.

Just a little bit about the company, “Vendor Centric is where businesses turn when they want more from their vendors”. They help clients across all sectors produce extraordinary results by transforming the way in which they design, leverage and manage their vendor relationships. If you’re not sure about what this means professionally, that’s alright, just understand that it’s a business interested in increasing profit margins in regards to business to business operations. Less waste, more take-home is the bottom line here.

I’ve included a screen capture of the site design, unfortunately there’s really no way to capture the under-the-hood bits in the sense of putting it into a portfolio. I’ll have some illustration pieces to include shortly as well, as I am providing their major publication titled “Rethinking Vendors” with relevant illustrations to drive home the content of the articles. The publication will be released as a free eBook from around the 26th of this month so keep your eyes peeled for that.

If you’re interested in what they have to offer, you should contact Vendor Centric directly as they have a lot to offer!

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