Powerhouse Animation Studios – Injustice 2


This post originally appeared on the Powerhouse Animation blog.

Powerhouse Animation teamed up yet again with Platform LA to create a cinematic social media ad campaign for the new NetherRealm Studios fighting game, Injustice 2. With fighters based on the original DC superhero pantheon, Injustice 2 reimagines your favorite characters in unusual alliances.

The Powerhouse Animation team perfected the original storyboards, adding everything from beautifully painted touches to atmospheric animation. Their Injustice 2 campaign takes the highly polished quality of the team’s motion comics and combines it with the brevity necessary for internet ads.

The result: stunning, eye-catching banners. Powerhouse Animation used Photoshop to embellish the original client storyboards and paintings and then animated & finalized the scenes in After Effects, adding special effects and a high-level polish to each ad.

Check out more amazing artwork from Powerhouse Animation through their Play! Illustration portfolio and at powerhouseanimation.com.