RIFT Servers are visible!

So in anticipation for the 12:00 PM launch of RIFT today (central time), I attempted to log into the game early in the off-chance that it might be online already. What I did discover was that some servers were renamed, merged, or just flat out removed.

Here are a list of servers with their corresponding alignments…

Faeblight – PvE-RP
Dimroot – PvE
Deepstrike – PvP
Greybriar – PvE
Gnarlwood – PvE
Keenblade – PvE
Reclaimer – PvP
Snarebrush – PvP
Byriel – PvE
Spitescar – PvP
Seastone – PvP
Shatterbone – PvE
Belmont – PvE
Lotham – PvP
Shadefallen – PvE-RP
Sunrest – PvP-RP
Rocklift – PvE
Briarcliff – PvP
Wolfsbane – PvE

I will be rolling all four of my callings Defiant side on Wolfsbane. During beta it was high-pop and I made a name for myself as one of the better Warrior tanks at beta level-cap. Hope to see you in game. Drop me a line if you end up rolling a character on Wolfsbane and we can run some dungeons together!


See full post here: Matthew Lee Keith2011-02-24.