Sproggiwood classes design

I realized I’ve neglected posting about Sproggiwood for a bit, so here are the designs I did for the different classes.

As we are using Spriter as our animation tool all the character consist of pieces being moved according to a saved animation file. The different pieces can be freely changed while using the same “puppet”. We adopted this system in order to easily swap out gear and armor, without totally failing at budgeting for graphics.

In hindsight this has worked well, doing the different clothes for different classes has really been a breeze compared to other parts of the game (river, I’m looking at you). I especially like the big hats! Each class has several sets of gear, though you can only see one here.


Sproggiwood classes designSproggiwood classes designSproggiwood classes design  Sproggiwood classes designSproggiwood classes design  

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