Sproggiwood Greenlit!

Sooo! We launched Sproggiwood over at Greenlight on Monday, and I was planning on doing a nice blog post about it once I got my current gigs finished, but it turns out I can just tell you it’s passed Greenlight in two and a half days! It feels a bit surreal since we’ve been gathering the material for the Greenlight for what seems like ages now to just finish almost at once. My art got lots of positive comments in general – except for that one guy who said it made him feel greasy like the free-to-play games – so I’m feeling pretty gratified. The game design side of the project still has to prove themselves with demos/ actual launch!

Check out the greenlight page!

We started at 80% yes votes and dropped to 75% by the time we got through, which is apparently pretty good. We had an article appear on rock, paper, shotgun and a few other nice press sites, but there was no major explosion of press associated with the release, we sent the material out a little late so articles mostly appeared on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The release is set to fall 2014 at the moment for PC, Mac and Linux, with mobile hopefully to follow. Now we just need to actually finish the game and integrate it to steam – let’s hope all goes well!

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See full post here: jaanaheiska.com/blog2014-06-26.