Storyboard BIBLE!!! A MUST HAVE !!!

Hi Folks,

Today I’m posting up a couple of goodies for you guys and gals.

For starters, for those who have an interest in getting a really good book on Storyboarding but just didn’t seem to find anything out there to satisfy your lust for knowledge, guess again! Author Steven D. Katz did his book “Shot by Shot” a few years back and it has really made this book in my opinion the “BIBLE” to have for any storyboard artist out there that are looking for knowledge on the craft itself.

It is most definitely one of my favorite books to have nearby when I’m actually doing some boards for a client. When I’m stuck and I can’t seem to find that technical term to jot down on the paper, Katz’s book is my number one ressource.

When I’m having a hard time with a three way conversation in a scene, and I want to make sure that I stick to the “Camera Rules”, the blue book is right there by my side. It’s not only a great read on the subject, it’s a necessary tool that helps me do my job better and getting better at it every day because of that book.

In a nut shell…Get your BLOODY HANDS ON IT NOW!!! I have it at my online bookstore. You want to help yourself to be a better storyboard artist or a better camera man or maybe you have a friend that is studying in film school ? Look no further. That’s the book you are looking for.

Ok now for our Comic Book enthousiast friends…and myself included. I have added two new links to some DVD’s that you might be interested in having to your collection. Alvin Lee did a DVD at The Gnomon Workshop that focuses mainly on how to layout a comic book page and pencilling it to a finish state.
Very cool DVD. I have it at home and I really like the content and the storytelling that Alvin teaches on this DVD.

Another great DVD that I suggest to put your hands on is the “Comic Book Inking” with Joe Weems. For those who are not familiar with Joe’s work here’s a hint. Joe has inked over the pencils of such great artists as Joe Benitez, Marc Silvestri and David Finch.

Awesome DVD for those who are looking seriously at getting into The Traditional method of inking comic books. No computer here kids! It’s pure strokes of inks with the good old Crow quill nib pen.

Again, you can buy these wonderful DVD’s, Books or any magazines that you are looking to get your hands on at my online bookstore.

Thanks for reading and as we say in the business…
…That’s a wrap !!!1

Cheers folks!


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