I was just blown away by these websites. and They were part of LinkedIn’s automatic newsletter and I  rarely have time to look at those, you know how it is! Anyways, I just couldn’t get over how gorgeous web design is becoming. It’s awe inspiring. Even though my new path is taking me beyond the web design circuit, it definitely touches upon it and there is always room to grow.
I recently did a trial website on weebly ( to get my designs out there, maybe try and make some sugah (money that is not all that much but is made from sweet contracts) before my short bout of job tweening is over. It’s was pretty easy to use. You can only get so creative but sometimes you just gotta get done the crazy things going through your brain and see what happens. I’m pleased with the outcome of the site and the new job offer which is completely unrelated to my weebly site but I have a feeling it’s all interconnected with the sugah sweetening up you creativity and then it trickles into your interview and TA-DA, all hired!

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