‘Super Science Friends’ Wins at NY Science Fiction Film Festival

Tinman Creative‘s ‘Super Science Friends’ recently won the award for Best Animation Film at the inaugural New York Science Fiction Film Festival.

‘Super Science Friends’ is an animated series about a team of super-powered scientists who travel through time fighting nazis.

Make sure to check out all the episodes here.

See more work from TCS through their Play! Illustration portfolio and website,

Tinman Creative Studios Creates 12 Short Films in 12 Days for McDonald’s

Tinman Creative Studios recently wrapped a unique and fun project for McDonald’s Canada and Tribal DDB. Their mission was to create 12 short films based on viewer submissions.

Tinman Creative Studios says,

“The submissions were awesome, and we had a blast creating these hilarious films.”

You can see all of the 12 films directly through the Tinman Creative Studios blog.

Cedric Hohnstadt: VeggieTales ‘Noah’ Concepts

Character designs and costume designs by Cedric Hohnstadt for the VeggieTales DVD Noah.

From Cedric’s blog:

The latest VeggieTales DVD recently hit store shelves. It’s the first DVD to feature the updated character designs which coincide with the brand new Netflix series “VeggieTales In The House“. It’s a fresh, energetic new take on the characters. (EDIT: Credit for the new designs goes mostly to the amazing Elena and Olivia Ceballos).

I was asked to help with designing some costumes (sometimes from scratch, other times polishing existing designs). I also did a lot of concepts for a new character, Shem, who was ultimately voiced by Wayne Brady. At the beginning of the Noah project we were still using the old, classic VeggieTales style but eventually the decision was made to try and match the updated look of the “refresh”. The final Shem design is pretty close to one of my concepts.

The evolution of this story also took some twists and turns. At first they wanted to go with a traditional biblical setting, then a few other things were tried before eventually settling on something more modern. Hence, the variety of costume designs below.

Great job Cedric! Make sure to pick up a copy of  Noah on Amazon!


Artist Spotlight: Kim & James Neale

Husband and wife team Kim & James Neale specialize in the design, illustration and animation of characters and their environment. With over 25 years of collective experience, they are currently operating one of Australia’s premier illustration studios.

In early 2003, Kim & James began to work closely with agencies in the US and UK to meet an increasing demand for their style of illustration and animation on the North American and European continents. Today, almost 60% of their workload is derived from exporting static and animated artwork to the most competitive art markets in the world. To date, their work has been featured in a wide variety of projects for the broadcast, advertising, publishing and games industries globally.

Kim & James Neale are represented by Mendola Artists Representatives. You can view more of their work here.


Kim & James Neale


Kim & James Neale


Kim & James Neale


Kim & James Neale


Kim & James Neale


Kim & James Neale


Hile Creative Wins Multiple Animation Awards at 2015 ADDY Ceremony


Hile Creative, a branding, web design, and animation firm, received six top honors at the 2015 District 6 American Advertising Awards, including three in the category of animation.

Hile’s “HeatSpring Animation” garnered a Gold Award, while the firm’s “Inora Animation” received both a Gold Award and a Judge’s Choice Award. Other honors included a Gold Award for package design and two Silver Awards for illustration.

“Animation is one of the most effective mediums for communicating messages in a succinct, entertaining way that engages viewers,” said Dave Hile, President of Hile Creative. “We’ve recently seen greater demand for animation, and I’m proud to have assembled a team that is extremely skilled in this medium.”

Hile creates all animations in house, from scriptwriting to storyboarding to the final video. The process is highly collaborative, and starts with a discussion about the client’s challenges and what they’re trying to communicate. “We’ve found that animation is excellent for communicating complex messages concisely,” said Hile. “Our creative team — including our copywriter, creative director, and animation specialist — is able to distill a concept down to its most important parts, then tell the story in a way that’s easy for anyone to understand.”

Hile Creative is an Ann Arbor brand development and creative design agency that has served businesses of all sizes for more than 30 years. To learn more about Hile’s full range of integrated services, including web design and development, branding, and animation, visit

This post originally appeared on the Hile Creative blog.

Tinman Creative Studios for American Express

Tinman Creative Studios is all about bringing great characters to life, whether for a commercial, film or animated series. They specialize in design and pre-production and offer full animation production and pipeline development for traditional 2D, Flash, stop-motion, CG, live-action, and methods yet to be discovered.

Recently, Tinman Creative partnered with American Express to create a fun animation titled Do It Twice, helping to promote a new offer from the company.


Featured Image © Peter McDonnell Linda de Moreta Represents

Storyboards can be used for a number of purposes such as advertising and film productions. Quick pencil drawings and marker renderings are two of the most common traditional techniques, although nowadays other digital storyboard applications are gradually taking over.

Check out a few examples of storyboards created by the Play! Illustration Artists:

M Cre8ive Group Inc.
Diet Pepsi Storyboard


Peter McDonnell
Linda de Moreta Represents

Lara Croft StoryBoard


Brian Ajhar
Model Sheet – People Expressions


Artistic Image
American Artists Reps Inc

TNT home theater


Miracle Studios


Kevin Dalton
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