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Artist Spotlight: Glenn Gustafson

After attending the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, Glenn Gustafson apprenticed at Handelan-Pedersen Studios in Chicago, enjoying five years of great opportunities there.

Later, Glenn freelanced in various locations in downtown Chicago. He currently works from his home studio in Youngsville, NC. Glenn’s other creative interests include painting, fine art printmaking, and woodworking.

Check out his Play! Illustration portfolio and his website to his work for brands like Kellogg’s, TIME, Miller Brewing and more.

©Glenn Gustafson

©Glenn Gustafson

©Glenn Gustafson

©Glenn Gustafson

Jannie Ho for Animals Magazine

Jannie Ho created these fun illustrations for Emirates Airlines Animals magazine, an in-flight magazine for children filled with puzzles and games.

See more work from Jannie Ho through her Play! Illustration portfolio and at her website.

©Jannie Ho

Cedric Hohnstadt for Mountainside Farms

Cedric Hohnstadt was commissioned by Mountainside Farms, a regional east coast dairy company, to help redesign their mascot for their packaging.

Cedric’s redesigned cow mascot became the official face of Mountainside Farm’s product line starting January 2017.

View more of Cedric’s work through his Play! Illustration portfolio and at

©Cedric Hohnstadt

Powerhouse Animation Studios – Injustice 2


This post originally appeared on the Powerhouse Animation blog.

Powerhouse Animation teamed up yet again with Platform LA to create a cinematic social media ad campaign for the new NetherRealm Studios fighting game, Injustice 2. With fighters based on the original DC superhero pantheon, Injustice 2 reimagines your favorite characters in unusual alliances.

The Powerhouse Animation team perfected the original storyboards, adding everything from beautifully painted touches to atmospheric animation. Their Injustice 2 campaign takes the highly polished quality of the team’s motion comics and combines it with the brevity necessary for internet ads.

The result: stunning, eye-catching banners. Powerhouse Animation used Photoshop to embellish the original client storyboards and paintings and then animated & finalized the scenes in After Effects, adding special effects and a high-level polish to each ad.

Check out more amazing artwork from Powerhouse Animation through their Play! Illustration portfolio and at

Remy Simard: Leon Poltron

Remy Simard created illustrations to accompany the children’s book, Leon Poltron. The book is about a sensitive and imaginative boy that goes on an adventure meeting interesting creatures.

Explore more of Remy’s work through his Play! Illustration portfolio and at

©Remy Simard

©Remy Simard

©Remy Simard

©Remy Simard

©Remy Simard