Bryn Barnard- The New Ocean: The Fate of Life in a Changing Sea

The New Ocean: The Fate of Life in a Changing Sea is a recently published book by Bryn Barnard. In the book, Bryn uses his surreal looking paintings in an attempt to address climate change. He focuses on six sea creatures and uses them to highlight how the children readers can take action to mitigate global warming.

Bryn describes the book as “a hard look at an uncomfortable topic in language that children can understand.”

See more of Bryn’s artwork through his Play! Illustration portfolio and at


Jannie Ho – Violet Rose and the Summer Campout

Jannie Ho collaborated with publisher Nosy Crow on her recent release from the Violet Rose children’s book series. The book, Violet Rose and the Summer Campout,  features activities, paper crafts, and stickers to make for a fun summer activity book.

See more work from Jannie Ho through her Play! Illustration portfolio and at her website.

Feet! Illustrated by Leo Trinidad

Leo Trinidad teamed up with author Barrie Wade to illustrate Feet!, a non-fiction book for young animal lovers that are just beginning to read on their own.

See more work from Leo through his Play! Illustration portfolio and his website.

©Leo Trinidad

©Leo Trinidad

©Leo Trinidad

©Leo Trinidad

©Leo Trinidad

©Leo Trinidad

Ingvard the Terrible for NPR

Ingvard the Terrible (Sean Ashby) created an illustration of a teacher and two students playing with blocks for the article, What Good Preschool Looks Like: Snapshots From 4 States, featured on NPR’s website.

The article gives examples of what it takes to get preschool right.

View more of Ingvard’s work through his Play! Illustration portfolio and at

Brian Allen: Bogard Press

Brian Allen created these concept illustrations of a steampunk family of adventurers for an educational publisher called Bogard Press. The character designs will be used to illustrate their educational materials and lessons. Each year the team uses a different theme and concept to tie their lessons together.

Brian says:

“I really enjoyed the whole process, from developing the characters in sketches, to coloring and rendering the final versions. I tried to add a bit of style to the characters to keep them from becoming generic. I especially enjoyed creating the robot character.”

Check out Brian’s work on his Play! Illustration portfolio and at

©Brian Allen

©Brian Allen

©Brian Allen

©Brian Allen


Louise Gardner: Say Hello

Louise Gardner worked with Delta Publishing to create over 200 illustrations for a new learning book titled, Say Hello. Say Hello is a two-level kindergarten eEnglish course for four to five year-olds, written by Judy West. You can check out more information on the educational book here.

More work from Louise Gardner can be seen through her Play! Illustration Portfolio and at

Nicole Louise Say Hello Page Bees copy

Nicole Louise Say Hello stars copy

Say He spvv

Say Hello games sp VV

Say hello cover pvv

Eric Deschamps: Fablehaven Art Process

Eric Deschamps is both a sci-fi/fantasy illustrator and a video game concept artist. For the past decade Eric has worked with a diverse list of clients including publishing, video game and advertising companies. His illustrations have been recognized in 7 volumes of ‘Spectrum: Best In Contemporary Fantastic Art’ as well as ‘Expose: Finest Digital Art.’ Eric’s work recently received a silver award and an honorable mention by the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles ‘Illustration West Annual’.

One of Eric’s recent projects included illustrations for the Fablehaven series. Below, Eric breaks down his process for creating the artwork in Fablehaven Book 3 of 5, Grip of the Shadow Plague

You can see more of Eric’s work through his Play! Illustration portfolio and website.

Seth encounters the demon Graulus:


© Eric Deschamps

Hugo as the main focal point taking out dark centaurs easily:


© Eric Deschamps

The Shadowman lurks behind the kids:


© Eric Deschamps

Dark creatures vs. light creatures battle scene. This was the selected sketch, though the final art was streamlined down to just the kids on the back of the centaur plus a of couple dark satyrs:


© Eric Deschamps

Final art:


© Eric Deschamps


© Eric Deschamps


© Eric Deschamps