Joe Palmisano

Joe Palmisano: Cow On Moon

Everyone remembers The Cow Jumped over the Moon, but did you know that he liked it so much he decided to stay? In this whimsical illustration by Joe Palmisano, we see a very content cow fishing for the brightest stars to decorate his new moon!

The artwork was created for a children’s picture book cover proposal.

Take a moment to visit Joe’s Play! Illustration portfolio and his website


Joe Palmisano: Johnny Jupiter

This is an illustration by Joe Palmisano for a new franchise in the works called Johnny Jupiter.

The illustration will be used for a Playstation 4 and Xbox One game that is presently being  worked on and will be featured as the box cover art and also for a comic that will be packaged with the game.

Check out more of his work through his Play! Illustration portfolio and at

Joe Palmisano Illustrates New Educational Book for Kids

Joe Palmisano loves creating conceptual illustrations and doing creature/character design. He has illustrated everything from children’s books to game boards, and a lot of other things in between.

His latest project, Prodigy Ark: The Lark, The Shark, Faloofajark written by Demetra & Percy Lipsey, is a wonderful book that expands the minds and the imaginations of a group of “Prodigys” who are ready to explore, discover and learn during their special journey. Joe was the artist for this job, making him responsible for the character development, color choices, page layout, cover designs and typesetting.

Nice job Joe!