Cedric Hohnstadt for Highlights Magazine

Can you spot the differences between these two illustrations created by Cedric Hohnstadt for the January 2017 edition of Highlights magazine?

View more of Cedric’s work through his Play! Illustration portfolio and at

©Cedric Hohnstadt

Artist Spotlight: Valeria Petrone

Valeria Petrone began her art education in her native Italy and then moved to London to pursue further studies. In her wonderfully successful career, Valeria juggles high profile clients like United Airlines while always working on children’s books. She has illustrated over twenty books that have been published in Japan, France, Italy and the U.S. Although Valeria has won many illustration awards, it was a especially exciting to receive a 2008 3×3 Gold Medal for her book “Il Pittore.”

Valeria is represented by Morgan Gaynin Inc. More of her work can be seen through her Play! Illustration portfolio and at

Valeria Petrone

ZIG ZAG – Dog character for City of Bergamo App ©Valeria Petrone


Valeria Petrone

Good night Dadas! – App for Iphone and Ipad ©Valeria Petrone


Valeria Petrone

Dadas and the Storm – App for Iphone and Ipad ©Valeria Petrone


Valeria Petrone

Good night Dadas! – App for Iphone and Ipad ©Valeria Petrone

Cedric Hohnstadt: VeggieTales ‘Noah’ Concepts

Character designs and costume designs by Cedric Hohnstadt for the VeggieTales DVD Noah.

From Cedric’s blog:

The latest VeggieTales DVD recently hit store shelves. It’s the first DVD to feature the updated character designs which coincide with the brand new Netflix series “VeggieTales In The House“. It’s a fresh, energetic new take on the characters. (EDIT: Credit for the new designs goes mostly to the amazing Elena and Olivia Ceballos).

I was asked to help with designing some costumes (sometimes from scratch, other times polishing existing designs). I also did a lot of concepts for a new character, Shem, who was ultimately voiced by Wayne Brady. At the beginning of the Noah project we were still using the old, classic VeggieTales style but eventually the decision was made to try and match the updated look of the “refresh”. The final Shem design is pretty close to one of my concepts.

The evolution of this story also took some twists and turns. At first they wanted to go with a traditional biblical setting, then a few other things were tried before eventually settling on something more modern. Hence, the variety of costume designs below.

Great job Cedric! Make sure to pick up a copy of  Noah on Amazon!


Artist Spotlight: Kim & James Neale

Husband and wife team Kim & James Neale specialize in the design, illustration and animation of characters and their environment. With over 25 years of collective experience, they are currently operating one of Australia’s premier illustration studios.

In early 2003, Kim & James began to work closely with agencies in the US and UK to meet an increasing demand for their style of illustration and animation on the North American and European continents. Today, almost 60% of their workload is derived from exporting static and animated artwork to the most competitive art markets in the world. To date, their work has been featured in a wide variety of projects for the broadcast, advertising, publishing and games industries globally.

Kim & James Neale are represented by Mendola Artists Representatives. You can view more of their work here.


Kim & James Neale


Kim & James Neale


Kim & James Neale


Kim & James Neale


Kim & James Neale


Kim & James Neale


Artist Spotlight: Mike Dammer

Mike Dammer is an award winning illustrator who was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. He graduated from St. Xavier University where he studied art and business. Upon graduation he continued his studies at the American Academy of Art in Chicago while working full time at Vanides-Mlodock design studio. He then worked at a greeting card company for one year, and has been freelancing ever since.

Mike creates fun and wacky high energy illustrations for clients worldwide. Throughout the years he has worked on concepts and development for gameboards and electronic and educational toys. He’s created art for packaging, products, brochures and print ads. He’s also developed characters for logos, apps, branding and greeting cards, anything from small icons to roadside billboards. He has also illustrated numerous childrens books, activity books, and educational books and has worked with clients such as Houghton Mifflin, Scholastics, McGraw Hill and more!





You can check out more of Mike Dammer’s work through his Play! Illustration Portfolio or by visiting his website.