Jannie Ho – Violet Rose and the Summer Campout

Jannie Ho collaborated with publisher Nosy Crow on her recent release from the Violet Rose children’s book series. The book, Violet Rose and the Summer Campout,  features activities, paper crafts, and stickers to make for a fun summer activity book.

See more work from Jannie Ho through her Play! Illustration portfolio and at her website.

Cedric Hohnstadt for Highlights Magazine

Can you spot the differences between these two illustrations created by Cedric Hohnstadt for the January 2017 edition of Highlights magazine?

View more of Cedric’s work through his Play! Illustration portfolio and at cedricstudio.com.

©Cedric Hohnstadt

Tinman Creative Studios for General Motors

General Motors enlisted the help of Tinman Creative Studios for their recent “Safe & Sure” campaign that aims to teach parents proper car seat safety procedures.

TCS created 3 animated videos for the campaign with each video featuring two characters that focus on installations of specific car seats.

See more work from TCS through their Play! Illustration portfolio and website, tinman.tv.


Louise Gardner: Say Hello

Louise Gardner worked with Delta Publishing to create over 200 illustrations for a new learning book titled, Say Hello. Say Hello is a two-level kindergarten eEnglish course for four to five year-olds, written by Judy West. You can check out more information on the educational book here.

More work from Louise Gardner can be seen through her Play! Illustration Portfolio and at louisegardner.com.

Nicole Louise Say Hello Page Bees copy

Nicole Louise Say Hello stars copy

Say He spvv

Say Hello games sp VV

Say hello cover pvv

New Illustrated Children’s Book by Hot Frog Graphics

Paul  Morton of Hot Frog Graphics just released his first picture book, The birthday that went with a bang as part of a new school program called First Aid Friends  designed to teach children valuable skills in First Aid.

Paul was commissioned to design, create and illustrate the main characters – Felix and Flip – and also helped write and develop the story.

Check out a few of the illustrations below. Great job Paul!

Paul Morton / Hot Frog Graphics

Paul Morton / Hot Frog Graphics

Paul Morton / Hot Frog Graphics

Paul Morton / Hot Frog Graphics

Paul Morton / Hot Frog Graphics

Joe Palmisano Illustrates New Educational Book for Kids

Joe Palmisano loves creating conceptual illustrations and doing creature/character design. He has illustrated everything from children’s books to game boards, and a lot of other things in between.

His latest project, Prodigy Ark: The Lark, The Shark, Faloofajark written by Demetra & Percy Lipsey, is a wonderful book that expands the minds and the imaginations of a group of “Prodigys” who are ready to explore, discover and learn during their special journey. Joe was the artist for this job, making him responsible for the character development, color choices, page layout, cover designs and typesetting.

Nice job Joe!




Educational Tools for Children

Featured Image Cedric Hohnstadt

Illustration and design for the toy industry isn’t solely about fun and games. The Play! artists also create a variety of artwork used alongside educational materials for children.

Here are just a few:

Terry Sirrell


Educational art for a Math book cover


Geo Parkin / American Artists Reps, Inc


Geo Parkin’s activity book


Roc Goudreau / PG Representatives


School Zone line of interactive educational software


Earl Ridgell


Cedric Hohnstadt


Concept sketch for a “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” shape puzzle toy


Prescott Hill

Prescott Hill

Cover design for a preschool music CD


Monkey Doodle Dandy Inc.


Action Impulse Studios


Artwork for Houghton Mifflin textbook on fundamentals of mathematics

You can explore more work from our diverse talent pool directly through Play!Illustration.com.