Feet! Illustrated by Leo Trinidad

Leo Trinidad teamed up with author Barrie Wade to illustrate Feet!, a non-fiction book for young animal lovers that are just beginning to read on their own.

See more work from Leo through his Play! Illustration portfolio and his website.

©Leo Trinidad

©Leo Trinidad

©Leo Trinidad

©Leo Trinidad

©Leo Trinidad

©Leo Trinidad

Gary Hanna- “What’s So Special About…”

Gary Hanna created illustrations for a series of children’s books that were released earlier this year.

The artwork was created for 4 books in a series titled What’s So Special About…, by Nicky Dee and renowned UK paleontologist, Dean R. Lomax. The books attempt to explain dinosaurs to children in a fun yet scientifically correct way and contains up-to-date paleontological studies.

Check out more of Gary’s work through his Play! Illustration portfolio and at


©Gary Hanna


©Gary Hanna


©Gary Hanna


©Gary Hanna


©Gary Hanna


©Gary Hanna


©Gary Hanna


Conceptopolis: Green Ronin Publishing

Conceptopolis worked with Green Ronin Publishing to create cover art for the Hero High for Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition.

The covers feature the latest lineup of the Next-Gen, and shows of 7 out of the 8 members of the group.

See more work from Conceptopolis through their Play! Illustration portfolio and at




John Haslam: A Journey Through the Human Body

John Haslam teamed up with writer, Steve Parker, to create artwork for the children’s book, A Journey Through the Human Body.

The book aims to educate children about how the human body works and John’s illustrations remind the children reader of the beautiful diversity found in human features.

See more of John’s work through his Play! Illustration portfolio and at

©John Haslam

©John Haslam

©John Haslam

©John Haslam

©John Haslam

©John Haslam

Reading Rules!

The simple act of reading is an important component of a child’s mental development. Reading helps children improve their concentration, discipline, speech skills, cognitive abilities, and even communication skills.  Below are a few examples of the art that’s been commissioned from the Play! Illustration artists for children’s books. showcases professional artists and design firms with experience in the toy and game industries. Find the right artists for your next project by using our easy and convenient Specialty Search.

Paul & Alice Sharp

Eldon Doty | MB Artists


Macky Pamintuan | MB Artists

Steven Salerno

Tammie Lyon | MB Artists

Terry Sirrell

Merrill Rainey | Tugeau 2

Joe Palmisano Illustrates New Educational Book for Kids

Joe Palmisano loves creating conceptual illustrations and doing creature/character design. He has illustrated everything from children’s books to game boards, and a lot of other things in between.

His latest project, Prodigy Ark: The Lark, The Shark, Faloofajark written by Demetra & Percy Lipsey, is a wonderful book that expands the minds and the imaginations of a group of “Prodigys” who are ready to explore, discover and learn during their special journey. Joe was the artist for this job, making him responsible for the character development, color choices, page layout, cover designs and typesetting.

Nice job Joe!




Dave Garbot for Walter Foster Publishing

Dave Garbot is an experienced illustrator with a whimsical imagination. He is often called upon for assignments in children’s publishing, advertising, character development stylish lettering, games and fun maps. His list of clients include Barnes & Noble, Harper Collins, Penguin Press, Scholastic and many many more.

Walter Foster Publishing is another recent client with whom Dave has been working with on a series of How to Draw Books for kids. Furry & Feathered Friends and Fairy Tale Fun are the titles of the newest books that have been published. These books are now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other fine stores.



You can view more of Dave’s commercial work through his Play! Illustration Portfolio and Website.

Artist Spotlight: Mike Dammer

Mike Dammer is an award winning illustrator who was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. He graduated from St. Xavier University where he studied art and business. Upon graduation he continued his studies at the American Academy of Art in Chicago while working full time at Vanides-Mlodock design studio. He then worked at a greeting card company for one year, and has been freelancing ever since.

Mike creates fun and wacky high energy illustrations for clients worldwide. Throughout the years he has worked on concepts and development for gameboards and electronic and educational toys. He’s created art for packaging, products, brochures and print ads. He’s also developed characters for logos, apps, branding and greeting cards, anything from small icons to roadside billboards. He has also illustrated numerous childrens books, activity books, and educational books and has worked with clients such as Houghton Mifflin, Scholastics, McGraw Hill and more!





You can check out more of Mike Dammer’s work through his Play! Illustration Portfolio or by visiting his website.