The Dollhead is back…with baby!

The Dollhead has not had a new post for over two years! It’s time to re-activate this here blog. In addition to doll and craft fun, I will be doing a bit if mommy blogging now, incorporating the main reason for my blog absence into The Dollhead. 

Meet Isaac. Mommy’s baby boy doll. This was last summer…

Now he is almost Two! I have been having a load of fun dressing him up in little outfits and putting photos of him on 
Instagram, #toddlerfasion #instagramkids
You can find me on Instagram as thedollhead!
Here he is wearing Gap sunglasses, a Truly Scrumptious onesie and Old Navy pants and shoes.

And here we have a hip little ensemble that includes a hat from Children’s Place, on sale for 2.99, such a deal and he wears it all the time!

Here he is at Boston ComicCon in Old Navy Star Wars shirt, target pants, Converse Sneakers..

And one more, wearing Truly Scrumptious tee, Target pants, Old Navy Shoes…

Stay tuned for more from the Dollhead! 

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