Toy Design by The Big Eye Studio

Rod Hoffmann, owner of The Big Eye Studio, has been creating toys since he could tear the wheels off his Tonka trucks to make his own custom vehicles. More than 45 years later Rod has mastered the craft of toy design and production by honing his skills on projects for Disney, Marvel, DC, Taco Bell, Coca-Cola, and countless toy companies. During the fast paced 80’s he served as VP Creative for Classic Games in Atlanta, a $180 million sports trading card company.

The Big Eye Studio specializes in toy design, development, packaging, branding and manufacturing. They bring ideas to life and have been doing so for more than 20 years. From his studio in Tulsa, Rod designs and directs a full time staff of sculptors, artists and production facilities in the US, Hong Kong, and China. Check out a few examples of their work below.

You can see more from The Big Eye Studio through their Play! Portfolio and at

The Big Eye Studio: Patches the Bear

Patches the Bear: plush toy design, packaging and branding ©The Big Eye Studio

The Big Eye Studio: JB Mpiana Kipe Ya Yo Dancing Figure

JB Mpiana Kipe Ya Yo dancing figure: Figure and toy design for JB Mpiana international rap star from Africa. Figure dances and plays his famous song Kipe Ya Yo ©The Big Eye Studio


The Big Eye Studio, Pips

Mini Pips: Art toy figures created and produced for London based illustrator and record producer, World of Putty. [Shown: final produced product without packaging] ©The Big Eye Studio


The Big Eye Studio: Justice League

Justice League Flying Figures: Full line of DC Comics, Justice League collectible flying figures created for Fusion Toys. Each articulated b/o figure flies via tether attached to ceiling and can be displayed on it’s own removable stand. [Shown: final product without packaging] ©The Big Eye Studio


The Big Eye Studio: Monkey Doos

Monkey Doos: One of the three Monkey Doos created for Mazzarella Media. Super soft plush figure. [Shown: hand sewn prototype] ©The Big Eye Studio