Upcoming Changes to BrightcoreCMS!

Greetings all. I just wanted to drop in and say what’s up and that I am in fact still alive (although a lack of sleep might dictate otherwise).

In all my waking hours of late, I’ve been brewing up some usability improvements for BrightcoreCMS. The beauty of these changes are they are purely cosmetic. I won’t have to touch a single bit of the API or programming architecture. It’s all XHTML and CSS!

I might try to post some updates on my progress within the week if I end up making any. I want to make sure I’m moving forward and not regressing with these alterations. I really want this CMS to be easy enough for a child to use. I think it’s getting there, but it’s only just that “getting there”. It’s not there yet and I know this, but I’m balancing function over form for now to get the concepts working securely while maintaining stability. 1and1.com really has everything Brightcore needs to work on it’s cheapest plan.

Oh yeah… When I haven’t been programming, I’ve been slaughtering masses of “planetouched” elemental minions in the hot new upcoming MMO sensation “RIFT”. Check it out!

See full post here: Matthew Lee Keith2011-02-21.