Hi folks,

Today I wanted to post a check list that will help you guys storyboard the best shots possible at the “Thumbnail” stage.

It’s a check list with 10 questions on them that will keep you thinking about your shots and hopefully improve your storyboarding skills.



Questions to ask yourself as you stage and draw your thumbnails.
1.    Do I fulfill the story point?
2.    Is this the best angle for my story point?
3.    Does the shot have depth? FG, MG, BG?
4.    Are subjects coming at the camera/ going away from camera?
5.    Are there too many horizontal and vertical lines in my shot?
6.    Good silhouette?
7.    Interesting composition?
8.     Do I cut from a low angle to high angle?
9.    Profile shot? Too flat ?
10. Am I reusing this composition?

See full post here: STORYBOARD ARTIST JC2011-09-07.