WeMail -Fans Of Pilot Be Heard….

Today marks the beginning of a new segment here at Pilot where we allow you, our devoted fan….um….fans, to be heard. We call it “WeMail”. We take your email and put it on our BLOG. Send us your comments, questions, drawings, ideas, and if they don’t suck, we’ll share it with the world. Thus giving you your 5 minutes of fame. You can now die a happy being.

Our first WeMail belongs to Kenneth Beuther of Colon Ohio. He writes…..

Hey Pilot!
I’m a designer/inventor from a small town in Ohio. I’ve been at it for 30 years now and I’ve finally come up with something I think could really make an impact on a multi-billion-dollar industry, the pet supply industry. I call it the Kitty Porter 3000 or KP3000. I was hoping i could show you the detailed sketches and hire you to design some really professional looking packaging for it.

The basic design of the Kitty Porter 3000

Lightweight carbonfibre materials and self-winding screws

Figure 1 shows the basic design of the KP3000. Lightweight carbonfibre material and self-winding screws make it convenient to get your pet in and transport it around in style!

Kitty Porter 3000 by Kenneth Beuther

Picture 2 shows the usage and convenience of the KP3000

Figure 2 shows the KP3000 in full use. Pets on the go! Also works on small dogs.

So thats my idea. I really think I’m on to something. I look forward to speaking with you.

Sorry I am not much of an artist. Thanks, Ken

Ken. Your not much of a human being either you disgusting son of a bitch. Seriously people, you’re going to have to really step it up if you want to get on this BLOG. We didnt have much choice here with Ken. He’s the only dude to ever email us. But if this was a game show, we’d hear a “wonk, wonk, wonk” and a massive hook would come out of nowhere, impale this email, and drag it screaming off the side of the stage.

Keep those email(s) coming and maybe you could be the next Pilot WeMail star!!

See full post here: Pilot2009-10-29.