Worldmap progress


Here is a step-by-step progress for the creation of the Sproggiwood worldmap I posted earlier. I needed to figure out a good way to represent a worldmap divided into four different regions: forest, swamp, mountains and glacier, with each region except the glacier having three dungeons each. I could have good for a really simple, more symbolic background and more complicated dungeon entrances, but I wanted to paint something for a change so I went for a complicated painting in the background and simple buttons in the foreground -approach.

I started by figuring out how to divide the map into the proper areas, and briefly toyed with outlining them in a few ways for extra clarity. I didn’t really like the look of the outlines though, so I resolved to differentiate the areas without having to resort to outline.

The general color scheme evolved pretty naturally, except for the forest that I had to really fight with to find a look I liked. I tried to avoid drawing individual trees at first, but eventually realised I need to know the shapes I’m trying to simplify, and there simple isn’t a shape to the forest without the trees. I still kept them as simple as possible, but they were the major time sink in this piece.

The mountains and glacier are probably tied for my favorite part -spot, I’d love to do some more of those. I foresee more need for forests though, they seem to crop up everywhere!


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